Here I am

Here I am, getting ready to go to the other island for work. Due to a work screwup, my reservations never got made. I was told it was “all taken care of” nearly three months ago. Since my reservations were cancelled, and since it is a holiday weekend, all the filghts are full, and as of right now, I am going to be there till next Wednesday. That’s five days and all I’m doing is 4 hours work. I think I need an attitude adjustment, because I think I normal person would be glad to get a vacation like this. But it pisses me off. I am a person who likes to stick to the plan. And I have work to do here.
Now I don’t come back till the 18th, and my vacation is the 19th thru the 29th. And I will be diving diving diving.

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  1. Too bad about the missed travel arrangements, hope you find time to read at least you have your computer! Just found a link to your blog and I really enjoy your photos underwater. Nice to “meet” you.Cheers,Candy

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