Is it one word or two?
Last week I saw the movie Hellboy II. OI Girl and I had saw the previews and I said I thought it would be funny. It was pretty entertaining. Little too romantical for me the second half. But the monsters and destruction were pretty cool the first half.

This week we watched Hellboy, the first one. It was good too, a little less romance and more action, although still too much romance. Good thing the guy’s immune to fire.
On a scale of one to three, I give them both a two.

I generally don’t like scary movies, but Hellboy isn’t scary. It’s rated PG 13 I think. I also saw ‘Alien VS Predator’ some months ago. It was so overdone it was hilarious. Absolutely every person in the movie gets eaten by a monster, except one guy, flying over in a plane.
The End.

2 thoughts on “HellBoy

  1. Both these movies I like the first ones so much better than their counter part II’s. Alien VS Predator 1 was awesome because the WOMAN is the only one who survives and she kicks ass while doing it!

  2. Now see, you write the kind of movie reviews I would read.Everyone gets eaten by a monster, except one guy. Flying over in a plane. The End.I can imagine your Nightmare on Elm Street.Burned guy slices everyone up. While they sleep. Except one girl, with buck teeth. The End.You rule man.

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