Heimlich maneuver

This morning I have to be at work early. I’m leaving here at 6.
Yesterday I was working on my busted up satellite dish and the ladder tipped over. I fell pretty hard and almost broke my leg and hurt my ribs. Basically I landed on my left side and my whole left side hurts. Last night in bed I couldn’t do anything but lay on my back. I couldn’t roll over or lay on my side. Getting up and laying down was painful.
Then when I got home yesterday, I was eating some fried chicken and I almost choked to death. I was thinking “This is very dry. I need something to drink”. I got up and didn’t make it to the fridge before I started choking and if I was in public, someone would have tried the Heimlich maneuver on me. It was disgusting.
I slept really good last night and I feel a lot better this morning.
I never did get to buy that tick treatment yesterday. Today I will for sure, because tomorrow the exterminator is coming, although I haven’t seen any ticks yesterday or yet today.

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  1. Everytime I see or hear the word Heimlich I giggle. It’s because of that stupid “Hind-lick” joke. I’m sure you’ve heard it. Seriously though, that had to be scary. That will teach you not to eat dry chicken! Ticks? I am getting itchy just thinking about them. I was at my mother in laws house once. After e had gone out in the woods and came back I found a tick on me. I was getting in the shower when I found it. I ran out of the bathroom naked screaming. I was embarrased afterwards, but at the time it was happening I just wanted that tick off.

  2. Goodness I think the bad luck has passed to you. I am so sorry. I hoep you feel better. I fell off a chair at school one summer day when I was setting up my room for the next year. I was putting some books on a shelf, newly waxed floor, metal chair. Concrete floor 1, me hurting…..I was brued on my side for weeks. Why is it when we fall we land on our side? Take care…

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