Headache Categories

This is a categorization of headaches. I think there’s about 4 basic types. There are probably more.Type 1, where it feels like a large nail had been driven into my skull. Usually it feels like someone pounded it in the top of my head, off center on one side or the other or both.

Type 2, Where it hurts in the lower back of the skull, and somehow reaches around and makes it feel like all my teeth hurt too. I associate this type of headache with grinding my teeth in my sleep.

Type 3, It feels like someone has sawed off the top of my skull, about an inch above the eyes, all the way around and it is just sitting there, like a hat. It feels like any sudden movement will make the top of my head fall off.

Type 4, Sinus headache. This is behind and below the eyes. Usually a dull ache, but sometimes it feels like the eyeballs may pop out with any sudden movement.

And that’s my list, as discussed with the Wife last night. There are more, I’m sure. For example, a migraine, I don’t know what that is, but people describe them as the Mother of all headaches.

I’m lucky, I Don’t get headaches too often. Once or twice a month at the most. Feel free to add any types of headaches that I have missed.

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