Hard Lessons

I’m tired of scardey cat dog. He’s training us, not vice versa.. He thinks everything is going to be on his terms. I open his kennel in the morning, and he won’t come out unless I move away, ’cause he’s scared to walk past. This morning, I opened his kennel, said “come” and he just sat there, not moving. I said “OK, Stay” and closed the kennel door. You shoulda seen the surprised look on his face! So I left him there, took Sheba outside, came back up, opened the door and said “COME!” He still didn’t but pulled him out by the collar and said “good come”.

Sooo we went outside and I called Sheba and told her to sit. She came and sat and I put the leash on her. I called Lenny several times, he wouldn’t come. So Sheba and I went for our walk and Lenny stayed in the yard.

Wife didn’t like it, she said Lenny cried the whole time we were gone. I raised my hands palm up, “What could I do? He wouldn’t come, I couldn’t put the leash on him.”

Lenny’s way, you hold up the leash and he comes running up and sticks his head through. Lenny’s way, you open the kennel and walk away, leaving him a clear, (safe?) path to follow you downstairs to the yard.

Lenny and I are not doing things Lenny’s way anymore. The wife might do things Lenny’s way, but I’m not. She says, “He’s only been here a week!” I say, “This is what a dog should be able to do right off the street.”

The dogs problem is that he won’t come near anyone. He’ll come close enough that you can barely pet the tip of his nose or his head. But he’s too scaredy cat for no reason. Seriously defective.

I wanted another dog, I don’t feel like I have another dog.

Have a great weekend!

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