Harassment & Threats From Ebay

Today I’m posting my first post from my new tablet, Samsung Galaxy S6. It is quite nice. The keyboard/case that Samsung made for it got quite bad reviews though and I didn’t order it. I was looking for a keyboard/case online, Amazon doesn’t ship much down here. I did find one, but weirdly it didn’t have a “Buy Now” button. I had a friend verify this on a different computer. I guess they were showing it off but not selling it. You could add it to your Amazon list, but not buy it.

So I went to ebay. lots didn’t ship here, but after a while, I found one I liked and it supposedly shipped here. Instead of buy now, it had a “commit to buy” button. I clicked it, filled in my address and when went to the next screen to pay, I was told it didn’t ship here after all.

That was it, I was stuck. End of story. Almost.

I got a message from the seller, asking if I wanted the item, saying he was going to cancel my order because I didn’t pay. I replied but haven’t heard back from him. We can’t really communicate through ebay.

Now I’m getting emails from Ebay, saying I comitted to buy the keyboard but didn’t pay the seller. And threats that my ebay account may be marked with a bad buyer rating.

I want the keyboard, and I’m trying to buy it, but Ebay won’t let me.

It’s a real pickle.

2 thoughts on “Harassment & Threats From Ebay

  1. Don’t you just love computers?! HA! Actually, it’s computer programmers that are the problem. It’s like you want to send messages that say ‘who’s the dumbshit that programmed this screw up?!’

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