Har De Har

Yesterday I bought my ticket to Miami, went and picked it up, arranged rental car and hotel and when I got back to work and called my cousin (my Uncle’s son) and gave him the flight details.
Silence . . . .
But we’re burying him in New York.
SO thanks to the great people of Cayman Airways I went back and they voided my transaction and un-did everything without penalizing me. They didn’t have to do that and I appreciate it. Next I went to International travel, and for over four times the cost, they booked me on a flight to New York City. The Big Rotten Apple. I’m leaving Sunday morning and I’ll be back Monday night.

Today I was supposed to have a broadcast from a dive boat. For this broadcast, I made a little unit that lets me plug my entire audio system into a cell phone and broadcast from anywhere there’s mobile coverage. It wouldn’t be good for music or anything but it will be OK for voice. It cost less than $50 for me to build but you can buy one pre-made for about $1500. Of course, yours will bigger, bulkier and not as nice as the one I made. Also I put a belt clip, and earphone jack on it so you can just plug a microphone into it and broadcast walking around or whatever.
It came out great and works really well.
Anyway, the broadcast got cancelled. But I’m glad to have the day off.

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  1. I’m glad the airline people were so accommodating – it’s always a gift when people do things they don’t have to (at least I always think so :o)) And I hope you travel safe and it goes okay.Shame about the broadcast after you went to such trouble, but agree a day off makes up for it.Take care.

  2. Why is it that we’re always surprised when something goes as it should when dealing with a business? Have we become that used to getting screwed? Very nice to hear though, kudos to Cayman Airways.

  3. Good thing you didn’t try to fly Southwest airlines. After watching their reality show I have to believe that they would charge you double for the change then offer you a free drink as a way to apologize and then deny you boarding because you had been drinking but it doesn’t matter anyway because even though you paid for your seat they will have double booked and not have enough seats so you would be rerouted to some hick town no one ever heard of and stuck there until 2 days after your uncles funeral. Sounds like you made the right choice in air carrier. We’ll be thinking of you!

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