Happy Monday to You!

Here it is, another Monday. Here the weekend was cold and windy. Saturday we went to the Orchid Show. On the way home, it started raining. That was if for the weekend. We just stayed home an watched movies.

I didn’t take any good pictures at the Orchid Show, You wanna see orchid pics, try looking HERE. I did get some pictures of our cat BTK, up in our tree.Mar 03, 2013 020 (2) Mar 03, 2013 024 Mar 03, 2013 028

14 thoughts on “Happy Monday to You!

  1. What a brilliant idea to place baskets for her up there – ha! Love her markings, isn’t she beautiful? On Monday I kinda’ sacked our builder – well, sent him away to think about what he’s done (nervous twitch). It’s really spring now over here – what a waste of some good construction days!

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