Happy May First!

Almost halfway through 2023, it seems like it just started.

it was a quiet uneventful weekend. Saturday I went grocery shopping, twice. First I went out and got a few things, then i went back later and got mostly cookies and ice cream and 72% dark chocolate. I don’t know why, insane urge. Don’t worry, i won’t let it go to waste.

sunday was a strange day, i went to the beach and got sandblasted. And it was cloudy and humidly hot. It’s still cloudy with high clods and a hot seeming wind from the south.

I may have to close the windows and doors and turn on the AC this merry merry month of May.

We may (May, get it?) have an extra holiday this month. The King gets coronated the 6th. Maybe there’ll be a holiday associated with that.

One can only hope!

Hane a delightful day, a wonderful week, and a merry month!

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