Happy Hollow-Weenie!

What do you get wheen you take the insides out of a hot dog?

A hollow-weenie!

Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?

He didn’t have the guts!

Saw the constellation Voltan this morning. It was unusually clear and dark to the south. What stood out and made me look it up was the triangle formed by stars 1, 5 & 6. Star 4 was the brightest.

Didn’t see stars 2 & 3… Too low.

Below is a video of yesterday when I got home from work. Electrical and plumbing started, then comes steel and the concrete truck. Then the walls.

I need a new battery for the van, it wouldn’t start after I went to pick up the dogs last night. If it’ll start this morning, I’ll be lucky, id not, I’ll have to pulll the battery and carry it while scooter to work. In the rain…

But it’s almost the weekend! Havva goodun!

2 thoughts on “Happy Hollow-Weenie!

  1. Oh how exciting! You must tell me (well ok, everyone)… exactly what you are adding on? A whole new apartment under your house, or an extension of your own home? Like… will you be using it? I love seeing this sort of thing… show us more! PLEASE.

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