Happy Happy Monday!

It’s Monday, gonna be my first full week in what seems like a long time. Last week my mom and sister was here, and I was taking time off for them.

It was a good weekend. I got some sun and anchord the balcony railings, which were getting loose and shaky. (Apparently, the job was never competed when the house was built, 10 years ago. (If you go to the archive in the sidebar, you cans see construction pictures.)

Although I don’t think it’s supposed to rain, it looks kinda cloudy, and it’s cold for here, might take the van today. Tomorrow, the cat is going to the vet, she has scabby ears, and I’ll be picking her up, so it will definitely be a van driving day.

Yesterday, the Wife went to a Costa Rican girls birthday brunch, she had fun. On Saaturday night we went to an event called Red Sky At Night, which was a very interesting Cay,am Cultural event. There’s some pictures on my phone, but as I posted previously, it has become a major hassle to transfer files from my phone to tablet. Maybe I’ll try to get that working again today…

Have a great week!

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