Happy Friday Theee 13th!

My lucky day! Black cats and Friday the 13th’s have always seemed to be good luck.for me. Besides, it’s Friday, what’s not to like?

We went out for dinner at Steak Social last night. It was super good.

My scooter is in the shop today for service and rust treatment. I ordered new springs and mirrors too, because they were rusty. Hopefully it will look brand new and hopefully I’ll get it back today. I’m catching a ride to work with the wife, so probably no beach lunch hour today.

Speaking of beach lunch hours, day before yesterday, my waterproof Kindle Paperwhite got a splash and pretty much quit charging and transferring files. It’s spent the last 18 hours in a bag of rice. We’ll see how it is a but later… But they’re not waterproof at all, in my opinion. When I first opened it I thought that the USB port should have had a cover. Knew it!

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Happy Friday Theee 13th!

  1. I used to do a little thing on Friday the 13th. I would dismiss anything bad that happened and celebrate the good. So Friday the 13th was a good day. But then on Saturday the 14th, when I let things go back to normal, the day was horrible. If I could only learn to keep up the happy thoughts all the time. … Na, too much work.

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