Happy Birthday To ME!

Today is my birthday, 52, that seems old. I still feel like I felt when I was a little kid. That’s my advice to younger people, don’t wait till you grow up, because you never grow up/

I will take any advice from older people I can get. Or younger people.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To ME!

  1. “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you… Happy Biiiiiiiiiirthday deeear baaaaby, happy birthday to you” Love you!

  2. Happy Birthday to Yoouu!
    Happy Birthday tooo Yooouuuu!!

    52… you are still a babe – try 64…and I feel like I did YEARS AGO TOO!!!!

  3. Happy birthday, MD! Umm, I’m not gonna sing or anything.

    But I have given you the best (free) gift I could think of. I’ve updated your link on my blog to your new WordPress location.

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