Half Way Thru 2017!

Actually, half way is about July 2nd/3rd, and today is June 29th, not even the end of June yet.

But the thought occured to me, and I might not think of it again at the precise moment theyearly half-way point arrives.

I’ll be 57 years old in less than two weeks.  Every  year goes quicker and quicker. In m younger days, the first half of the year went faster than he second half. Not anymore. Now both halves go just as fast.

I’ll tell you what it’s like getting older: I stay he same, and everyone aroud me gets younger. For example, when I was young-young, everyone driving a car looked super old. The doctor was an old man. My teachers were super old o me. Now, I go to he doctor and he’s a little kid. The police and teachers and people working in stores are all super young looking. Little toddler looking kids are driving cars.

I see this every day

I stil feel the same as I always did. I can’t see myself getting older in the mirror, it’s just that everyone else is geting younger.

When I see a friend that I haven’t seen in years, they look older, getting a new drivers license or geting my passport renewed is always a shock, because of the “new” picture. But other than that, I can’t really tell.

That’s what it’s like getting older, do you agree?

Today, I have a camera security system going in. I don’t have any faith that I will get my scooter or mower back. The cops are doing nothing.

Have a good day!

1 thought on “Half Way Thru 2017!

  1. Yep… I feel the same way about ageing.
    I don’t feel any different inside!
    Outside, well that’s a different story sadly.
    You are 20 months younger than me.

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