Half my luggage

I’m home again, I got home around 2 yesterday afternoon- along with half my luggage. I had one suitcase and one box and the box didn’t make it. Well, it did finally make it, on the next flight, late last night. And in good shape too. It was/is a kitchen cart. Just like this. Did I ever mention there that my kitchen has only one drawer? Well, I have two now. But now I have to de-clutter my kitchen, and that means re-organizing or getting rid of some scuba gear.

Then when I got it home, I stayed up and put it together. It was easy and I went to bed about 12:30, which is late for me. I got up at 3:30 US time, 2:30 my time and went to bed late. I may be a little sleepy later on.
I’m glad to be home, with good coffee and a lightening-fast internet connection. (I can’t believe how many people still have dial-up. A fast connection is worth the money!
I’m going to work. Just to see what’s up.

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