Hail! To The Washington REDSKINS!!!

I watched most of the game yesterday, it was great! I watched up till the two minute warning for the first half then got on the plane. An hour later I was home, and watched almost the last half of the fourth quarter. I am so happy they won!

I kind of knew they would. The Skins stomped Philly last week, after their bye week.While Dallas has been “winning ugly” as Yellowdog Granny puts it! The past few weeks, Dallas has been barely winning, squeaking by with last minute points, winning games when they looked looked clearly inferior the whole game. I fugured if Washington showed up, they’d win, and they showed up! They scored 21 unanswered points when I had to get on the plane, it was 21-3. When I got home, it was 38-28 and then Washington scored again, and then at the end, they didn’t score, 28 seconds and the guy slid in at the two yard line instead of scoring another TD….  Hmmm,

But anyway the Skins won, and I’m happy!!! Plus it’s FRIDAY!!!!!

Yellowdog Granny, by the way, is a diehard Dallas fan, so drop over there and tell her I said HA  HA HA! HO! HO! HEE HEE HEEEEEE!!!!

Seriously though, you gotta respect Yellowdog Grannie, even though she’s a Dallas fan, she’s a fan even when they aren’t doing so great, my experience with Dallas fans is that for the most part, they are fair weather fans. Not Yellowdog Granny, she’s a loyal fan.

1 thought on “Hail! To The Washington REDSKINS!!!

  1. I was at my sons for thanksgiving(he was wearing his rg3 redskin jersey and the little asshole has 2 of them) I kept muttering fucking traitor and ingrate all night long..he said but mom, I’m just rooting for rg3, not the rest of the redskins..like that makes a fucking bit of difference to me..but even the first lost to the skins on thanksgving day was enough to ruin my day..first time at sons in about 7 years..with all the granddaughters and the greats.it was wonderful…except for the loss..sigh*..yes I love the boys, but that didn’t stop me from taking them and the points..ahhahahahahahahah

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