Hacking My Account

Yesterday, in the space of a half hour, I received about 5 verification texts from Google and one phone call from a robot. I guess somebody was trying to hack my account for a while yesterday.

I went to the dentist yesterday, the electrician from my still ongoing construction project called while I was in the chair. Couldn’t take the call. Then, a few minutes later, I was trying to enter the date for my next appointment on my phone calendar, he called 5 times in a minute, interfereing with my ability to type. His call popped up, I hit “Decline” it popped up again. Very very VERY annoying.

So I called him back in the parking lot, letting him know how pissed I was. He says the inspector is coming at 12:30, he (the electrician) needs me to go buy some wire, needs me to go there so he can re-wire a circuit, replace the smoke detectors and a whole buncha stuff he’s had three months to do.

I knew the new drawings weren’t approved. But I went anyway. I already had the wire and smoke detectors and everything.

Long story short, the inspector was inspecting another house. My plans weren’t done yet, and the whole thing, the harassment, everything was a waste of time.

But the Inspector said the wiring was good, and when he gets the plans, he can just stamp them approved, and won’t have to come out to the house again.

This electician has personally caused the job to take triple the time necessary. It was basically done Friday the 13th of December (started 3rd week of October).

And it’s time for me to go to work. This is a much longer post than Iintended, with half the details I wanted to include.

2 thoughts on “Hacking My Account

  1. The job is done. Just waiting on the stupid paperwork. Hopefully, I’ll never see that electrician again, (well, maybe once)

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