Guess who I saw yesterday?

I was sitting in slow moving traffic yesterday and I caught a glimpse of an old girlfriend in a car going the other the other way. I made a call to a mutual friend and found out that yes, she was indeed back on the island and had been here for about 3 months. I told our friend to tell her I was asking about her and I wanted to call and to tell her to call me if she wanted.

When we were “quitting seeing each other”, whenever I asked her out or asked to spend any kind of time with her, she would refuse, saying I didn’t want to see her. Even then I was saying WTF?? If I didn’t want to see her, why would I be calling and asking to see her?? Our mutual friend told me then that she had done stuff like this in the past. Self destruction of relationships

When Hurricane Ivan came, she was on vacation, her apartment was destroyed, and I thought she never came back. I heard she was in the Pacific. I sent her a short email, telling her about the storm and asking for the above mentioned friends phone number. She replied with a long detailed email about everything, she came back briefly after the storm, her move to the Pacific, how she liked it, the locals, etc. It was a VERY long detailed email. I responded to her email, which was also somewhat long by necessity.
She then replied that I never wanted anything to do with her while she was there, now it seemed like I wanted to “strike up a friendship”. I said WTF? again! I had sent a short email seeking for some info, with some polite chatter included, she replies with this immense email to which I merely responded. Our mutual friend again told me she had messed up relationships in this way before. I said hell with it and didn’t reply to her email.

I called the same mutual friend yesterday. Her attitude was completely different, like I had been the one to mess up the relationship. She told me I needed to “giggle more” (exact words). I said “Giggle more? WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?!!??”

Me, f***ing giggle….right!

So I told our friend, nevermind, DON’T tell her I called, DON’T give her my number, and forget the whole thing.

Case in point: She’s on the island 3 months and doesn’t contact me. As soon as I see her, I instantly try to contact her. Who doesn’t want to see who?

Yet this morning, I was thinking it would be nice to “spend some time” with her, if you know what I mean…

Looks like the hurricane’s going to miss.
Grand Cayman is moving out of the cone! <—–temporary link

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  1. Hi Mark, I think in life we usually know when someone is not right for us – whether as a friend or as something more. We just know it! We might not always pay attention to that “knowing”, but the fact remains that we know. Don’t let loneliness or the desire to be with “someone” push you into relationships or encounters that are not good for you or which do not complement your life. You deserve better than that. We all do!Hugs!

  2. I agree with Moxie. I have always told my kids, “Look for someone who is going to compliment your life–not complicate it.”I hang onto this theory for all aspects of my life, work, friends, even pets. LOLAnd yes laugh more. There is nothing more attractive than a sincere, genuine laugh.

  3. No offense, but she sounds to me like she has some issues and is possibly more trouble than she is worth. A bit, wacko, shall we say? *lol*

  4. Whilst I’ll agree with Lita that there’s nothing nicer than a genuine, sincere laugh, at the same time, if you’re not a giggler it’s downright irritating being told to do something that isn’t natural to you. (And I’m not convinced a giggling man is that attractive ;o))By all means enjoy the lighter side of life, but look for the lady who will generate true delight and laughter!

  5. Ok i am not a professional shrink but Bi-polar disorder comes to mind. Did she shop alot and enjoy ” getting together” and have mood swings. Anyway just happend up on your blog and you said post so you know we were here. Thanks for the look see. Thomas

  6. I think that if you don’t want to giggle you don’t have to. But its okay to smile sometimes… and sometimes a smile is all it takes… just think positive. you dont need her because she’s the one pushing you away. If she doesn’t want to talk to you just try to Smile and you’ll never know maybe you’ll end up making someone else want to smile too…

  7. I got a good laugh out of your responses to her nonsense. I think the bi-polar disorder is a possible problem for this lady. She’s a real hot potato. If you think you can get some action from her without entanglement or fatal attraction going on, then I think you should go have some fun with it.

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