Guess He’ll Be Fine

When I got home from work yesterday, Lenny was like a different dog. He wanted to be petted, and he wanted to play, and he didn’t seem too shy in the yard. When we got back inside, he was more like his scardey-cat self, but not as bad.

Running super late this morning, I was on Facebook when I should have been posting. I saw this:

Thought it was pretty funny

Got a dentist appointment this morning. A new dentist. I was never too happy with my last dentist.

Scooter day today. Hope it doesn’t rain!

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Guess He’ll Be Fine

  1. That’s an improvement with Lenny. I need to go to the dentist too and I hate them, I can’t relax at all. I have had a couple of bad ones and hopefully the next one will be better.

    • My dental trip was good today, even though I need an implant, a root canal and about half a dozen fillings. The dentists are getting younger and younger. The one today was a little kid, good dentist though. He reminded of one of those intense videogame players.
      Go for it1

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