Green Iguana, Blue Iguana

Greenie in the firehouse pond

Green iguanas are getting pretty rare around here. THe government is offering five dollars a head for this invasive species. I saw this one the other day, first one in a long time.

On the other side of that coin, the Cayman Blue Iguana is (was?) the most endangered reptile on the planet (I think that’s what I was told.) They can breed with the greenies and they aren’t blue iguanas anymore.

Blue Iguana

Read a 2012 article HERE.

AAaaaand it’s supposed to be nice weather today, scooter day. Have a pleasant day.

2 thoughts on “Green Iguana, Blue Iguana

    • The greens are in the ‘kill on sight’ category. If there were none, all would be well.
      Same thing as lionfish, all the divers are encouraged to cull them. Spearguns are illegal in the Cayman Islands, except the ones D.O.E. issues, and you’re allowed to shoot only lionfish.

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