Gravity Bikers

There was a story on the BBC this morning about Gravity Bikers in Colombia. You can read it here. In the story on the radio, they talked about how the bikes have hooks to attach (without the drivers permission) to a vehicle so it will pull them up the hill. I didn’t see the hooks mentioned in the linked article.

Then, after the kids ‘hook’ their way up the hill, they coast back down. The bikes have weights to make them go faster.

It’s a lot of fun, and very dangerous. I pobably wouldn’t like it. Once, when I was a kid, I got a skateboard. First thing I did was go to the top of this hill. I remember standing there, one foot on the road, one foot on the skateboard. The instant I lifted my foot off the road, I was flying a million miles an hour. I steered over to the curb, and crash landed in the grass.

Not my kind of thrill. I was never much of a skateboard rider after that.

If you google gravity biking, you’ll see images of guys wearing helmets and all kinds of safety gear, but these kids in Colombia don’t have any of that. The reason this story made the BBC News is the large number of kids getting killed.

But still, I was interested in the hook for getting up the hill, maybe I need one of those…

Have a great day!

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