Goot Mornink!

Yesterday, I worked a full full day, as is normal whenever I want to try to escape early. But it’s ok.
I went diving yesterday afternoon, it was great but there was a strong current, you could swim comfortably into the current and stay still, if you kick a little more you can progress ok, there’s never any hurry underwater. My camera can take short videos and I took one to show the current. It’s about 5 seconds long and shows some soft coral flapping in the U/W breeze and you can see particles in the water whizzing by.
My dive buddy took off his fins and was walking along the bottom. He asked if I wanted to race, him without fins and me with. I said sure (all through sign language). 1-2-3 GO and I started kicking as hard as I could into the current and I looked behind me and there he was, right on my tail. I was getting tired fast, kicking as hard as I could. I was ahead but he seemed way more efficent without fins in that current. I’ve done it before too, take off my fins and walk or run along the bottom, it is really fun. There’s less gravity than the moon, not that I’ve ever been there. Here’s two pics of him running underwater, carrying his fins.

Then I came home and tried to get audio on this blog. I created a Yahoo group, tried to set it up so nobody has to be a member for access, then link from here to the files section. It seemed like it worked for a while but then quit. I guess yahoo changes some portion of the web page address periodically, it worked from on my computer and another computer (on which I wasn’t logged onto either blogger or yahoo) for several minutes at least. Then quit working everywhere at once. I reposted and it did the same thing.
Thanks to those who replied to my “test” post last night. (I deleted it)
Anyway, I’m drinking cuppa coffee number one and going to work for a while later today.
Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Mark, I loved this post! Great to see the pics underwater & it sounds like fun to be on the bottom running around w/out fins.What kind of depth were you guys at? Are you ever ‘afraid’ of anything while diving?I’ve never “dived” and I’m intrigued by your stories & pictures.

  2. My max depth for that dive was 61 feet. We were on the “sand flats”. The pics were taken at about that depth.Probably the most afraid I was underwater was when I was spearfishing in Hawaii and had a big mesh bag of fish and a 3 or so foot long wall eyed jack started circling real close. I probably wasn’t in danger, a wall eyed jack isn’t dangerous, but he was definitely acting aggressively. I dumped my fish and never saw him after that.

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