Google Screwin’ Up

I got a message from Google, saying my storage was full and I won’t be getting any more emails. My question is, “How do you get to 23gigs on a 15 gig plan and never receive a notification before this?

When I got my Gogle account, you couldn’t just sign up, you had to be invited. When I got invited, the slogan was “Never lose a message again! Free unlimited storage!”

Notice in the picture above my “current plan” is 15GB. I’ve probably been over 15 GB for at least 10 years, and I assure you, I never signed up for a 15 GB plan. I was invited to, and accepted, the free unlimited plan.

Now, apparently, Google is withholding my emails, trying to get me to pay a monthly fee. That, my friends is extortion.

Is Google getting ready to head down the Yahoo path of suicide?

1 thought on “Google Screwin’ Up

  1. Was is spam? I don’t think emails count toward the storage. I use google drive for spread sheets (and use a lot of spread sheets keeping track of turtle and iguana data) but thye always message me in a banner at the top of the page when I need to go delete some junk.

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