Goodbye to Mir

The vet told me that the cat probably cannot ever be an outdoor cat because of his head trauma. They have a program that finds homes for dogs and cats and the vet said Mir would be a good candidate if we OK it. She (the Vet) guarantees the Mir would never be put to sleep.

I discussed it with the wife. We cannot have an indoor cat because of our killer dogs, so today I will go say goodbye to Mir, and give him to the vet.

Everyone at the vets office loves Mir. He purrs as soon as you touch him. He’s a beautiful cat. He has black stripes on his head and golden brown stripes on his cheeks.

I love Mir too, and am very sad I can’t keep him and take care of him forever.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye to Mir

  1. You and wife are sweet for taking care of the cat. I hope she gets a great home. And, I read the post of the guy you found on the road. Glad you didn't run over him and glad you stopped to help. The lizard on my post is a anole. Very common.

  2. Thank Goodness, I thought you were going to tell us that he passed away!! Bless the Vets for not putting him to sleep and trying to find him a forever home, and Bless you and your wife for helping humans, and animals!! I hop Mir finds a great home!!!…debbie

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