Good News Wednesday

I was using my computer yesterday to repair another computer. I saw an interesting thing. All the files on the hard drive had their attributes changed to ‘hidden’. It made for an interesting boot-up experience and all the files appeared to be gone, but the drives still full. I think the customer will be very happy his machine is fixed.
I am on the short list for the job I applied for at the Airports Authority, same time as business picks up. Like always. This time, I’m taking the job and making my business secondary, or shut it down completely. Having my own business has been like pushing a car with flat tires. If you push as hard as you can, you can make things move. But the second you stop pushing, everything stops. No coasting, no resting. And it requires continual effort and it is exhausting.
But my business has kept me alive and paid the bills for two years. A lot of people say that it take three for a business to take off.
I don’t care. If I get the job, my business can be backup for a steady paycheck.

4 thoughts on “Good News Wednesday

  1. Amen brother. I’m about to embark on a five more year journey with my store.
    hopefully I can push that car and find the places to coast.

    Loved that analogy!

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