Good news for you north of here

Spring has started. I can tell, the ants are trying to take over the kitchen. And the caterpillars are back on my plant outside that I have because it is caterpillar food. I got the plant out in the woods, when I got it, I was thinking butterflies, not caterpillars. The caterpillars eat all the leaves, leave a cocoon and then I never see the butterfly. The plant hasn’t recovered from them last year. It’s a real delimma. Pick the caterpillars off, or loose my plant, which I got for caterpillars.
Such problems, I don’t know how I ever get any sleep with such problems.
The ants, I’m not too worried about.
Biologically speaking, (but not yet astronomically) spring has begun, I seen it! it is spreading northward towards most of you even as you read this!
I’ll be at the beach today.

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  1. I’ve been looking at my hyacinth bushes and have noticed the buds on them. They are no where close to being ready to bloom, but they’re getting ready. Isn’t that the greatest feeling? The days are getting longer too. I just may have to put the razor blades away!!

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