Good day yesterday!

I had a really good day yestderday, I got a lot done at work, I went to the beach for lunch, and then after work I went diving, first time (hey! that’s the name of my blog!) in almost a month! It was a great dive, nothing spectacular, just the fact that I was diving was spectacular enough for me! I took a few pics, none really post worthy, but here they are:

A squirellfish
Some weird shaped tube sponges:It was quite dark at the end of the dive, I turned off the flash and the shutter stayed open for about a second. You can see my two dive buddies. Lousy shot. Its blurry because it was darker than it looks here and we were moving while the shutter was open. that’s Duncan on the left and Ian on the right.A conch, you can see a little bit of the creature inside. hiding.

And the same conch, how it looks from the front. His eyes will poke out here if he’s not retracted in his shell. This is what a conch looks to another conch when they’re talking to each other: : “Hi! Hows it going?” “Not bad, but I wish I could get this crud off the back of my shell”

Then when I got home I made a frozen pizza and noticed I was missing a piece of a filling in my tooth. I think I lost it while I was eating the pizza. it doesn’t hurt or anything, but I can’t stop poking it with my tongue. I’ll be making a dental appointment today. The pizza was perfect though. Durn good.

Today is my split shift day, I plan on having a goooood long beach lunch two hours!

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  1. Oh so that’s what a conch looks like when it’s not in fritter, soup or salad form?? Sounds like you had a perfectly pleasant day with the exception of the lost filling. Going to the dentist is never fun! Have a good beach lunch today!

  2. I’m not quite sure why you think those pictures not-post-worthy. Diving is over for me now, everythings started to freeze up unless I want to travel somewhere.

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