Going Microsoft Free


I am toying with the idea of eliminating Windows and Microsoft from my daily life.  I think t can do it too.
I have the new Android tablet and have been not using my laptop much at all since I got it.
It’s really no big deal, Mac users are around that probably seldom or never use Microsoft or Windows.
Microsoft has gotten a lot of money from me over the years. I have registered versions of Windows 3.1, ’98, 2000, XP, ME, and Vista. Not to mention the versions of Microsoft office. They keep making new versions, not compatible with the previous versions. Which sucks for the user, but made Bill Gates the richest dude o the planet.
The only problem is downloading the pics off my camera, which I’m working around.
Anyway, I’m running late today and gotta git goin’!

5 thoughts on “Going Microsoft Free

  1. Hi Mark – I’ve not used any Windows or microsoft for 8 years! I’m Mac through and through. We never get viruses on any of our computers – we do check from time to time because some say you do… I have a Mac computer, a Macbook Air, an iPhone and an iPad. My husband works in this area – otherwise I certainly wouldn’t have all of this. Once you use Mac you’ll never look back 🙂

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