Girl Finds Megalodon Tooth!

I think this is a great story. Imagine how happy she must be.

I remember when I was about the same age, i ran away from home. I didn’t make it too far when I found this excellent disc of a rock. Well, I had no choice, I had to go back home and put it in my rock collection. (I used to want to be a geologist). That rock is sitting on my dresser right now, i use it as an incense burner for my cone incense. It’s been everywhere I’ve ever lived with me.

i got the Kindle Scribe yesterday, i love it. But the case didn’t arrive. It apparently was delivered to “My Agent” in Miami, and I expected it, but alas, woe is me. In the meantime I’m using an old sleeve to keep it in.

Well, its hump day. Have a great, great great day!!!

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