Getting my ass kicked

Sunday I started a particular module for my class. I planned on working 2 hours, as you know, and it ended up being all day. Well, it is kicking my ass. I had problems figuring out how to do some math their way, then I thought I had worked it out, but now I am having problems elsewhere. Today is the day I’m going to knock it out and understand it. Not in that order.

I’ve been neglecting everybody else’s blogs, and I’m sorry. I have been getting a lot of my study time from my online time and beach time. Athough yesterday afternoon I was studying on the beach, that’s when I thought I had it all figured out, then I got home and now I’m more than slightly confused again. . . Maybe my brain only works on the beach!

Today I will finish this module and prooceed. There’s a number you can call for help. When I read that in their paperwork I thought, “I’ll never call that number”. Well I rekkon I will if I have to.

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  1. Please don’t apologize. Your school stuff should take priority. I hope you conquer it before it conquers you. Quit being a man about it though, and just call the number. You’ll thank yourself later when you can relax on the beach instead of study.

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