Get Rid Of The Bad Parts

I used to play this video game in the 1980’s. Some game where you’re driving a tank. You could drive and drive, and never reach the horizion. You had a compass and radar on a screen at the top. The sun would go down with a nice sunset, then it’d be dark. Ten real minutes or so, the sun would come up with a nice sunrise. There were other tanks that you could kill, or they’d try to kill you.

I used to enjoy just driving the tank. Killing the other tanks was just a nuisance. When I’d see one on the radar, I’d head the other way, and just drive and drive. Eventually, you had to blow them up.

The other tanks were the bad part of the game. Without them, it wasn’t really a game though, just entertainment.

It would have been nice, to me, if there were no other tanks, just let me drive around. Get rid of the bad parts.

Many movies, for example, a boy meets girl movie. They’re perfect together. Heartwarming. Then someone, usually the boy, starts screwing up. It was a good movie till the screw-up towards the middle. Can’t we just skip that part? Have a nice movie?

Everything’s the same, video games, movies. Always predictable. Any movie, and genre. “Oh, this is nice, you know they’ll screw it up and fix it again just before the ending.

I guess that’s why I don’t watch TV, and like very few movies, and probably why I can’t find ANY video games I like except card games. and a few car driving games.

Get rid of the bad parts. Like this post. It’s not coming out like I intended, but then, I don’t know what I intended…

Have a good day!

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