It’s Sunday morn, I’m almost done with my coffee. Getting ready to go diving this afternoon. Too deep for my camera.
My apartment is a mess. I clean and it gets worse. Actually I started cleaning and never finished. I think I’ll hire a maid. I used to have a maid come once a week, but now I have a dog and don’t know how he’d handle a stranger coming in the house.
There’s not much to write about today. Mosquitos are bad. Anytime it rains, the mosquito population explodes. Austrailians call them mozzies, Americans call them skeeters.
I have a little headache this morning.
I guess that’s all for now!

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  1. We call them skeeters because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sing this little song: “There’s a skeeter on your peeter whack it off.” Clever, aren’t we??Hope you had a good dive.

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