Garmin VivoActive HR vs Fitbit Charge HR

Wife and I just switched from the Fitbit Charge HR to the Garmin VivoActive HR. So far, I like the Garmin much better.

First of all, the Garmin is waterproof to 5 Atmospheres. That’s 165 feet. Secondly, riding my motorcycle doesn’t rack up extra steps and flights of stairs on the Garmin. Fitbit support sent a method to edit the number of stairs on the device, meaning I’d have to keep track manually. Thirdly, since it’s waterproof, it has a swim mode. Swimming is my main exercise. The Fitbit says it’s “splashproof”, meaning don’t wear it in the shower ot pool.

The downside of the Garmin, so far, seems to only be that it doesn’t have a section of the software to enter calories consumed. Although with the Fitbit, I found I normally consumed less than half the recommended calories on a daily basis, and never lost any weight.

The Garmin has an activity prompter, meaning that when I’m sitting at my desk at work, it will tell me to get up and move around a bit. Which I really like.

Both Fitbit and Garmin are good, but I’m liking the Garmin a whole lot better. 

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