Fruits Of Mi Yaad

My yard has bananas, coconuts, limes, oti apples, (also called Jamaican apples) plus the wife has all kinds of different vegetables in her screen house.

Coconuts from the weekend

A very small batch of bananas that I picked yesterday

Only the bananas and coconuts are producing so far. Coconuts are almost nonstop, and the banana grove needs to get bigger before it produces regularly. (A banana tree dies after it makes bananas, so it’s normal to cut them down when you pick the bananas)

Oh, and mangos, there’s tons of mango trees that were here before the house was built, I forgot to mention the mangos in the beginning. They produce in the spring, and they’re delicious, but they’re a small mango, with stringy flesh, that’s better for jam than eating.

Oti Apple in Costa Rica, Jamaican apple in the Caribbean.

I can’t wait till the tree starts prodicing Oti Apples. They taste fantastic, and so delicate, they can’t be shipped, don’t think. We expected them last year and were disappointed, and we super-expect them this spring.

I started this post at home, and now I’m at work. I’ve been running late all morning. Woke up last night with a leg cramp, stayed up to make some sound recordings of a thunderstorm. It was hard to get up, and I realized I was runing late on mine and Sheba’s walk/run, when the daytime denizens started coming out. (about 15 minutes later than normal)

So that’s it, have a good day!

8 thoughts on “Fruits Of Mi Yaad

    • You think? The bananas all get ripe at the same time, then you have to eat them all before they go bad! The coconuts, we just drink the water.

      • What about the coconut milk? I buy it canned but I’m sure you can make it somehow from fresh coconuts. Maybe in a food processor? Either way, it’s great in coffee.

        • I’m not sure of the difference between milk and water. I just drill a one inch hole in the nut and pour it through a strainer.

    • The texture is kind of like an apple, except lighter and dryer. The taste is very mild, comparable to nothing else that I can think of.

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