Friday YippEEEEE!

I am soo glad it’s Friday. I am late for work already and I have to miss my beach walk. Yesterdays post I complained about my boss. He is truly a crisis manager. But one thing, yesterday, when he was telling me about all these broadcasts, (this morning and Saturday night) I threw into the conversation “you know, I’m going to be wanting some time off Friday for all this”. My boss is good about that, if I ask for time off, he’ll give it if he can.
So my plan toda is to do this broadcast from 7:30 to 8:30 (that’s on air times, it doesn’t count set up or take down) then head to the beach!!
You probably can’t tell from my pictures, but I’m getting a little thin on top, hair wise. And i used to always used to wear a hat, not only to protect my head but to make me look not-bald. Well, for the past month or so I’ve been skipping the hat. At first my head burned, but not anymore. the problem is my nose, it is always red and I go to the bathroom and peel the sunburnt skin off. I can actually see the peeling skin sometimes like when you leave your coffee on the hood of your car and try to start driving!
I’m afraid people will start to call me Rudolph.
I am really not done with this post but I have to go to work NOW!
I am so happy today!!

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  1. Hey I just read your last post. If you have firefox you can get this extension Session Saver that restores firefox to the last page it was on when it crashed. It works great and even restores anything you typed into blogger. That’s my suggestion.

  2. Guess what folks, don’t be jealous,, but I’m aleady off for the day! 9:30 AM and I am off till tomorrow at 5 PM! I’ll be on the beach by 10!!Anon, I’m glad my happiness is contagoius!Mr. Beck, I installed that thing.Christa, I was thinking of using duct tape on my nose!

  3. I missed all the Friday posts cause I wasn’t at work today! Darn! Don’t worry about losing your hair, you’re still quite dashing! I love a man that’s follicularly challenged. Did you see my boyfriend? Did you notice that the two of you are quite similar in features?? The two of you could be brothers, really! Event he pointy heads!! Since you are on the airwaves and I suspect you have a British accent, I think it’s only appropriate that you do an audio blog….please, please, oh please?? Have a great weekend, swim for me and take care of your skin!

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