Friday, so soon?


Friday already! Seems like the week just started. I’m not complaining…

On Monday, I’m headed to Kansas City Kansas for a three week training course. I’m not going to bother to pack a swimsuit, it’ll be COLD!!!! I haven’t seen snow since the year 2000 and hope to keep it that way. This weekend I plan on soakin’ up all the sun I can. I’m not sure I have any clohes that will be warm enough, but I think so. Layer up!

I went to grade school in a little town in Missouri, Moberly. If If I can, I’m going to drive there for the weekend. Not sure of the exact class schedule….. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it, except the cold…

Have a Great WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Friday, so soon?

  1. After all the warmth of your island life, Kansas is going to feel COLD!! Layer up and don’t catch yourself a cold. May you have a safe trip and a nice time while there, Mark.

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