Friday Snorkel

This morning I made an extra large pot of coffee, and I’m going to the airport this afternoon.

Yesterday work was ok as far as work went, it was practically a full workday. I felt obligated to go early, because of parking and because I expected it to be crowded. I parked on the grass by the sidewalk. I was wishing I had a video camera, as it was, I didn’t have my camera at all. There was this kid, about 3 or 4 years old I guess, maybe two. Blonde haired white boy. And there was this Jamaican, dreadllocks, dark dark skin, older, in his 20s or 30s. He would do some wild disco-type break dancing, spinning around on the floor on his back, jumping around, wild hand and arm movements and footwork, the wildest dancing you could imagine. First he’d take a turn, then the little kid would take a turn. He’d do handsprings and cartwheels and spinning around. It was amazing and hilarious to watch this child emulate this older guy. You could tell, even the Jamaican guy was amazed. (I say Jamaician because of his Bob Marley type hair, no other reason)

Friday I went snorkeling near where I went last week, another cruise shipper snorkel spot. There is a gully there I always wanted to snorkel in and never have. The picture below is from the end of the gully. The further “tower” on the right is where Hard Rock Cafe is. (to the right of the first light pole)

It was pretty cool. It’s maybe a hundred meters from Eden Rock, which was behind me as I took the pic above. It seems that squid must like that area, because I saw a whole bunch. I counted 18 in a group (flock, school, herd?)

I am waitiing for a Squid Video to upload, when it finally gets done, I will put a link HERE. Notice how they change color as I swim towards them. Also, you can hear the bubbles blooping out of my snorkel as I go underwater.
Another thing that was funny was as I was gettng in, I heard tourists saying they saw “sharks out there”. I didn’t see sharks, and doubt they did either, but I did see tarpon, and big ones at that!

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  1. Your photos are wonderful! The vantage point in the top shot is great. It looks like the water’s current was a bit fast. Were you in the water for this shot?I like the video clip, those lil’ fellas can really get going can’t they?

  2. I love your underwater pics Marky Mark!! P.S. I’m putting together the raft from water bottles as we speak. Should make it down there oh, about June barring any unforeseen circumstances.

  3. That video was so cool! You should do that more often.I meant to email you the other day about your page showing nothing but a blank white page but then I got busy and forgot. I’ve had that heppen a couple of times too and republishing worked for me too. I guess you get what you pay for.

  4. damn i miss that place.the tour boat i worked on used the fuel dock across from hard rock (that white wall was where i parked). next time you’re down there, say hi to mr. c the dock attendant. there’s always someone there with whom to share a beer, and mr. c’s always got plenty.

  5. That video was too cool – do you mind if I share that post with others??? too late. :)rjmilqk verification- why don’t you just do an eyescan on your blog? lol

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