Friday. Party. Dreams.

Today it’s Friday, and although we already had our “official” Christmas Party for work, today is the unofficial one. The four in my division are going out to lunch. I hope we end up with an afternoon off early.

I had weird dreams last night. Running from the police in the halls of a building. “Stay with this guy, he knows how to get away”. But it was all slow motion. At one point I was in a waiting room with several people and every once in a while, a little weak police would come out and put cuffs on one of us and take him away.. I could leave easily but don’t. It’s one of those dreams that says “Something bad is going to happen, but you could avoid it easily”. One of those dreams that makes me feel weak and passive and used. One of my least favorite kinds of dreams.

I’m glad the Bengals beat Philly last night. I didn’t watch, but I followed on my phone till halftime. When I was a kid, the Bengals practiced in Wilmington, Ohio, where my Mom grew up. I was a kid and we went to one of their practices. So I like the Bengals.

Anyway, have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday. Party. Dreams.

  1. “They” say, that dreams are often the working out of solutions to a problem. Dreams can often give us an idea to fix something bothering us. Who knows. Maybe true, maybe not.
    Concerning the cocoa tree. If you have no nurseries that sell cocoa trees on your island, maybe I could look into sending you some seeds ready to sow. I’ll look into it, today and let you know in the next couple of days. If I can do that, I’d be glad to mail you some seeds.

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