Friday November 1st already

Hard to believe it’s already November 1st. I missed Halloween yesterday. When I posted I wasn’t thinking about Halloween. I could not think of a topic yesterday so I just posted pictures. Halloween is an excellent topic. I started using other blogs and realized it was Halloween. It was too late.
Couple weeks ago I lost my Amazon Kindle. I wasn’t worried, I thought it was around the house somewhere. Yesterday I found it outside, leaning in the shade. It has been through several rains and several dog washings. And it still works perfectly. Lucky me.
I’m glad it’s Friday. It seems like a long slow week.
Today getting a boat trailer hitch on my car. Finally. Maybe the weather will be nice I can take boat out this weekend. Maybe go diving. Maybe go to the beach. I seldom get to do the things I moved down here to do. Seems like.
Just get me through the day and to the weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday November 1st already

  1. You didn’t miss anything on Halloween. Finding your Kindle still in working order surely put a happy blip in your day? And truly, I hope you get to do more things this weekend you moved down for to the islands. Just think of it this way…you are living in a pretty good place. Some people are sitting loooong traffic lines in Los Angeles while others are getting shot at in airports. Then there are some who would love just to have a job to earn a living. And, with no beach to go to at all! Ya got it good there! Have a great weekend!!

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