Friday Brainless

It’s Friday, thank gawd.

On my phone I have a text list of topics for when I can’t think of a topic.

That’s where yesterdays topic came from.

Today, I decided I was going to tell you about a movie the wife and I watched the other day. This movie is one a those that is so bad and stupid that the needle goes all the way around the bad and stupid meter until it’s on the good half of the meter.

You’d hate it. All my readers are so intelligent and sophisticated, none of you would like this movie.

Here’s Justin Beiber getting machine gunned about a million rounds:

But, before he dies, he still has time for one more duckface selfie. Of course.

That movie is…

(I’m so embarassed.)

Zoolander 2

It was so dumb. You will laugh.

Lots of big stars. I’m surprised they’d stoop so low. Will Ferrell especially.

I’m not going to recommend you watch it, but watch it. It’s really really really stupidly funny.

Don’t tell anyone you heard it from me though.

Here it’s really windy and thundery here today. Spewing raindrops that are falling far away. I had my best run and swim so far since I hurt my leg this morning, about an hour ago, under completely different weather conditions..

And I’m glad it’s FRI-HIII- DAY!!!

Have a good weekend!

10 thoughts on “Friday Brainless

  1. Great scene. I could watch Bieber getting blown to bits all day.
    And the USA has sunk to a new brainless low right now. In November we’ll see how stuck we are in the pit.

  2. I enjoy a good brainless movie once in a while (is that an oxymoron?). I like your description of the needle moving so far into the bad/brainless side of the meter that it actually keeps going to the good/fun side! In my view, only certain brainless movies fit this category (old 50’s sci fi, for example).

    • Did you eve hear of Mystery Science Theater 3000? These rocket scientists don’t like their janitor, so they shoot him off in space and torture him by making him watch bad movies.

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