The Movie Ted and, Glad it’s Friday!!!

I almost didn’t make it this morning. I couldn’t get out of bed without coffee. I couldn’t get coffee without getting out of bed. Last thing I remember is thinking: “This is it, no way out of this one. Checkmate. I’m a dead man.” Then I somehow made it out to the kitchen and now I have a cup of coffee in front of me.

The Wife and I were planning on seeing the movie TED tonight. But we found out that last night was the last night Ted was showing.

So at the last minute last night we went to the last showing. On a scale of 1 – 3, I’d give Ted a 2. It was cute and funny, but if you saw the trailer, you saw 9/10ths of the good parts. My recommendation: Rent it, don’t go to the theater.

Tonight the new Batman movie starts. I’ve never seen a good Batman movie. Usually the scene is so dark the screen looks completely black. Although Danny Devito was a good Penguin, and the Jokers acting was excellent. My recommendation: skip it, don’t rent it, don’t go to the theater.

TGIF! Have a good weekend.

7 thoughts on “The Movie Ted and, Glad it’s Friday!!!

  1. I think rent it, or just skip it altogether is my view on all movies lately. I haven’t been to the theater in a couple of years. And before that, it had probably been a couple more years.

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