Freediving Fins

I’m glad it’s Friday, it’s kind of hard to be here at work today, like said yesterday, It felt like Friday then. I’m working Saturday and Sunday, just for a few hours each day.

The OI Girl got her work permit approved! She should be here next week.

When she gets here, I’m going to teach her how to freedive. She asked me to teach her. I’m working on getting her some fins. I’m getting a pair of footpockets in her size. I own both Mares Attacks and Sporasub Radical freedive fins. I’ll put the blades from one of those in her footpockets.
I got some replacement blades for my soon-to-be empty footpockets. The Dive Shop had some c4 blades at a very low price. I’ve been eyeballing them for a long time. I got them yesterday and now I have:

C4 Carbon Fiber Freedive fins.

All have interchangable blades and I’ve been after some C4’s for a long time! The C4’s are basically designed to go straight down and straight up, while the others are more suitable for snorkeling and freediving.

On Ebay right now, there is a Monofin for sale, I’d like to have one of those someday!!!

I’ll be glad when The OI Girl gets here!

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  1. What size on the foot pockets do you have?Let me know when you want a monofin, I have one the I can sell to you..!Look at our page and you can get to know more about the monofins and other fins for freediving, Gara 2000 and 3000 maybe.www dot freedivingteam dot com

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