Four Foto Monday

We gave Sheba a chew skin dog treat yesterday, she wasn’t sure she liked it. She held it in her mouth for quite a while before not eating it.¬† I thought she was quite cute.

The camera cannot capture the coolness of these water droplets caught in the succulents leaves. In reality, they look like liquid clear siver metal.

It was a perfect weekend, in that I didn’t leave the property from Friday when I got home from work, till this morning, when I took Sheba on our walk. I don’t feel good about it this morning though. I feel like I wish I had gone to the beach this weekend. Also, last night there was a Hanukka candle lighting at the Ritz beach that I wish I’d gone to.¬†Wife has a bad knee this weekend, all swollen and sore. She wanted to stay home, and I lazily agreed.

Have a great week!

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