Found An Error?

I just finished the book Firstborn, by Arthur C. Clarke. I thought the whole trilogy was good, but I think I found a major error. Perth, Australia is on the Indian Ocean, not the Pacific.

I can’t believe I’d be the first to notice this, but I haven’t looked into it.

My Canadian Vacation continues. All except the Canada part. Went to the beach yesterday, Went diving Sunday. Below is a video.

The blue fish was amazing, but lost the magic on film, the loin fish had a body about as big as my thumb, with spines making him bigger than my hand.

Yesterday I also trimmed some trees and shrubs in the yard. The wife has told me how good it looks more than once, which is good.

Today is the wife’s first day back to work, no more working from home for her. In the news, Corona virus continues to grow, some of the world is re-locking down. I get my second covid test from work tomorrow.

Have a good day. Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Found An Error?

  1. You probably don’t know about the new Pacific Ocean 12 mile boundary that goes all around Australia. Most people don’t know about it yet.

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