Found a crashed helicopter near my yard

Here we are on a Wednesday. I’m walking the dogs in the dark. There s a little girl in the sky. Glow not girl. Damn speech recognition.
Haven’t had coffee yet and I don’t know what to post about but I will tell you I found a really cool helicopter in the bush the other day. I’ve been meaning to post an ad to see if anybody lost it but haven’t yet. Here’s a picture:


It’s missing it’s tail rotor, but otherwise looks in pretty good shape. If who ever lost it wanted they can have it. But they have to tell me the story of how they lost it.

Yesterday I found out we have dry termites, apparently, they don’t need water. The only solution is a tent and gas. I need to take Friday off this week too. Plus we get kicked out of our house for 24 hours.

That’s my post for today. Have a happy hump day!

5 thoughts on “Found a crashed helicopter near my yard

  1. That is one of those spy US Govermnet Thrones. Can I ask, what the hell you doing over there? Growing weed, meth lab, terrorist training camp?? If you see some suits pull up to your house you can bet it’s the 3 letter agency….have a nice day Squid.

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