Forgotten Post


I came to work and opened  my blog to see if I had any comments yet and was surprised by yesterdays post. I forgot to post this morning! Un beleivable!

So here it is. My Friday post.

Today, Costa Rica plays Italy in the World Cup. I want Costa Rica to win sooooo bad. A draw will be okay too..


The weather report calls for clouds and rain this weekend, but they’re not too adamant about the rain. I predict a cloudy weekend with intermittent showers if at all. The kind of weekend you wish it’d go ahead and rain, but it won’t. Lugubrious weather. But I feel surprisingly upbeat about it.

That’s it, hope you weren’t too worried about me, when you checked hungrily for my post and found it missing. I hope your disappointment wasn’t too great. I hope you are greatly relieved and the joy you get from its post launches you into a happy, joyous weekend!

5 thoughts on “Forgotten Post

  1. That.s ok, my weekends are always happy and joyous during racing season. And football season. Sorry, I don’t follow soccer other than reading who the winners are from the previous day.

  2. Ha ha! I forgot to post yesterday’s post (Thursday). I got a few texts from people wondering why my blog was not updated. I do that sometimes too… forget to hit publish.

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