Usually, throughout the day, I see something or think of something and think, “Oh! I can put that in my post tomorrow.” But, to the best of my recollection, that never happened.

Not that it matters. normally I’d be sitting here thinking; “Yesterday I thought of a great idea for a post today, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what it was.”

Yesterday at work was not my favorite. I was putting papers in the designated 3-ring binders. It’s my least favorite thing, so I put it off. I put it off, so it snowballs. It snowballs into this huge task, and I hate it even more.

I started Friday, thought I’d get ‘er done yesterday, but (gasp!) I found some papers in the WRONG 3 ring binder! The horror. It’ll probably take me 6-9 months (sixty-nine months), to get it sorted. That’s what I said, 69 months (six to nine months). 

What did you think I said? Noooo, I said the other one!

Obviously, I need more coffee. Have a wonderful day.

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