Food Fight

Our poor, neglected, abused Ashy Thee Cat is waging a food war with us right now. We gave her canned wet food for the past two days, and now, apparently, her good ‘ol two different kinds of mixed Crunchies aren’t good enough for Her Royal Majesty. She is on a hunger strike. She is starving herself to death in protest, devastated by the obscene injustice, sitting by her full bowl, meowing morosely.

Look at her in the picture above. Skeletal. Look at the pain in those eyes. Ashy is also upset because she needs a few more layers of higher quality padding between her and the sofa. (We pile the cushions like that to keep Lenny the pooch off the sofa when we’re out or sleeping.)

We’re expecting the SPCA to come knocking down the door any minute, telling us that from now on we must only feed Ashy caviar and sashimi, just one small thing to alleviate her life of endless suffering, but until then…

Happy Humpday Ashy!

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