Flying today

thanks for the comments yesterday. In reality my Dad died when he got sick, he’s been gone since then. It’s better now that he isn’t suffering any more, and that he didn’t live for years in the vegetative state he was in.
I fly at 1 PM. I’ll be cleaning the house. (Seems like the only time I clean is when I leave the island and I don’t want the dog babysitter to know what a total pig I am. Kinda like someone who only brushes their teeth right before they go to the dentist!) I also clean when I anticipate visitors.

I brush my teeth every day. More than once. FYI

After an exchange of emails and phone calls, the OI Girl and I are giving it another go.

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  1. I usually do my best cleaning when I know I’m having people over. At least that motivates me anyway.Glad to hear you and OI are working through things. Yesterday must have been the day for near break ups.

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