Flashback Friday: The Golf Slice



When I was younger, I played golf. (never very well) I had a horrible slice. If I went and took a lesson, I’d hit it straight and perfectly, unintentionally making it so the Golf Pro (Claude Roberts) couldn’t help me.

The pictures above show the clubhouse. In the top picture, the first tee is to your right. (I found these pictures on the internet, HERE.) See those huge windows? The bottom picture shows a view from inside the clubhouse, looking at the course. These windows are HUGE, maybe 4×8 feet or bigger.

I bet you think I’m going to tell you I sliced a golf ball and broke one of those windows. I didn’t. Anybody can break a window, but only I can slice a ball and hit the post IN BETWEEN two of those windows. It bounced off and did no damage. It was truly a one in a billion trillion zillion gazillion shot.

Now, there is NOT a bad design to this golf course. It is literally impossible to hit those windows from the first tee, unless you have a beyond humanly possible slice, like I did. But I tell you what, I’ll never forget the feeling as that ball curved towards those huge windows…. .

See that pond in the background of the bottom picture? I have also skipped a golf ball across that. Again, unintentionally.. And ended up with a pretty decent shot.

I haven’t golfed in years, I sold my clubs when I moved down here. You’re welcome, the world is a safer place for that.

AND that’s my Flashback Friday. Have a good weekend!!!!

10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: The Golf Slice

  1. LOL yes the world is also a safer place since the peeps stopped using the ball launcher. How many times she hit people I can’t tell you. Soooo embarrassing. Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy the weekend with your guests and the odd cigar.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I hit one of those windows once off of the first tee. It just bounced off. I don’t think that you could break those windows. Probably very thick, nearly shatterproof glass. I saw a couple of other slicers hit the windows too. 😉 I posted my BRAG on Facebook, so might as well post it here as well. I started golfing at the Moberly Country Club at age 9, in 1970. I turned 10 that summer. I won the beginners championship and have about a 6 inch tall wood and metal trophy to prove it with 1970 stmped on it. It is the ONLY TROPHY that I ever got in golf. 😉 However, I sure did have fun back when I played! Last summer, for the first time in I don’t know how many years, I went golfing with my brother-in-law in Louisville, Kentucky along with my brother Ricky. My brother-in-law said he really loves to golf and had been getting better at it. Well, I don’t know how many balls the three of us lost in lakes and ponds and woods that day, but I do know that I WON! 😉 Hahahahahh my brother-in-law couldn’t figure out how I could play so well, not having hit a ball in years. Well, I didn’t play well. I played horribly! lol I birdied a whole, then I think quadruple bogied the next, etc. etc. It was fun though. The funny part was that I took my brother-in-law up on a bet for a dollar a stroke on the back 9 I think. I made 4 or 5 bucks. lol As FAST EDDIE FELSON would tell you, a dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned. 😉

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